Jun 11, 2021 • 22M

A Marylander's first-hand account of living in Israel during the recent bombings - and a deep dive into Covid-19 impact on health insurance

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Timothy Maier
Veteran award-winning journalist John Rydell hosts Free State Politics, a thought-provoking weekly Podcast presented by MarylandReporter.com that features exclusive interviews with Maryland’s movers and shakers who provide insight on the news of the day.
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The bombing may have subsided, but tensions are still high in Israel, where Israeli defense forces have had deadly clashes with Hamas terrorists. We speak to a freelance writer, who once lived in Bethesda, and now resides in Tel Aviv. Larry Luxner gives us a first-hand account of the violence and what it’s like to live in a region where air raid sirens are a common sound. We also examine how Covid-19 has impacted health insurance for thousands of Marylanders. We speak with Vinny DeMarco of the Maryland Citizens Health Initiative about a new campaign to expand affordable coverage while also controlling the spiraling cost of prescription drugs. That’s on this episode of Free State Politics.